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Hi - I'm Lee

I'm a fitness instructor with over 6 years of experience. I believe that fun cardio and strength training alongside a diet stucture suited to you and your lifestyle could be the big leap in the mission to get your dream body. I know the struggles that people go through to try and get the weight and look they always wanted. How do I know this? I spent a long time trying to get the perfect body for myself, it took me years to get to the stage I am at today, but with my help, hopefully your transformation starts now!

The image below shows my personal progress of 3 stone weight loss, losing even the slightest bit of weight can make you feel so much better about yourself! Get in touch to hear my story.

Personal Training

Personal Training

I know what can help you get the body of your dreams, stay fit and have fun while you are doing it. Check out some more information on the dedicated section.

Zumba Classes

Zumba Classes

Our Zumba classes are high quality and allow you to relax and have a good time while exercising, the way I see it, the more fun you have, the more you will want to do it.

Personal Training

I provide a fun functional training in a personal training only private facility that isn’t open to the public. I know how hard it can be to motivate yourself to train, that’s why I’m here, to keep you going through the good times and the bad.

Only £12.50 per Half an hour slot – Get In Touch to reserve a spot today!

    1 Hour Session

    1 on 1 tailored personal training session. Designed to motivate and educate you on achieving your ultimate goals. We take into account your overall vision and any special requirements you may have and then push you to the limit.

    • 1-2-1 personal training session
    • Training for your specific goals & needs
    • Available in half hour slots

    8 & 12 Week Program

    Looking for quick progress that will last? Check out our 8 & 12 Week program. Consisting of 1 Hour of 1-2-1 personal training and 30 minutes of tailored nutrition advice each week - for 8 & 12 weeks, specifically designed with your own goals and needs in mind.

    From £175
    • 2 x Half hour 1-2-1 Personal Training
    • 1 x Half hour 1-2-1 Nutrition Session
    • UNLIMITED e-mail support
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    Where We Train

    A place where dream bodies are made thanks to the brilliant equipment and quality .

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    My Classes

    I offer a variety of classes for anyone to come along and have fun at, I always make them as fun as possible and at a price as low as mine, how can you resist?

    Catcliffe Zumba

    I am a qualified Zumba instructor who has been working in the industry for 6 years, every Tuesday I host a cheap Zumba session in Carcliffe, Rotherham. Come down and try it!

    £4 Per Person
    • Day : Tuesday
    • Entry time: 6pm – 6.45pm
    • Location : Catcliffe, Rotherham

    Mexborough Zumba

    Our mid week sessions are perfect for getting rid of all your stress, making you feel like you can challenge the rest of the week head on! Why not give it a try?

    £4 Per Person
    • Day : Wednesday
    • Entry time: 6pm – 6.45pm
    • Location : Mexborough

    Other Classes

    I have a broad range of expertise when within the PT industry ranging from Zumba to full Body Conditioning.
    If you require class cover or just want to find our more, please contact me below!

      • Zumba
      • Circuit
      • Body Conditioning


    I can teach you how to manage your diet to increasing the chances of Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Healthy Lifestyle and Well Being.

    I have found adapting your personal needs to your diet structure is the best way to adhere to your diet. As well as calculating your protein and calorie needs to align with your goals.


    I offer a 1 hour a week nutrition course which entitles you to the 1 hour session as well as unlimited email support so you can get in touch if you ever need assistance, this course is an effective method of weight loss and is the reason for my 3 stone weight loss and to make it easier it can even be done in your own home or a location of your choice.

      • Can Be Done From Home
      • 1 Hour a Week With Unlimited Support

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    Call: 07540 987 493